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The Yes of Perfect Consent – Divine Intimacy Meditation Catholic Spiritual Instructions

The Yes of Perfect Permission

The Yes of Perfect Approval

Existence of God— Lord, grant that I may give You the free and full consent of my will.MEDITATION St. John of

the Cross really aptly states
that the attribute of union of wills is the yes of the soul’s “free approval” (Living Flame of Love 3,24) by which it provides itself totally to God, surrendering itself completely to Him by the full and total gift of its will. Simply puts, the soul is henceforth so figured out not to will anything but God and His great pleasure, that in every scenario it only repeats its yes, by accepting with love all that He wills and provides for it. This yes is efficient, and not simply a desire; it is a yes by which the soul truly gives itself with all the generosity of which it is capable.From the beginning

of the spiritual life, the impassioned soul ought to desire to offer itself to God without reserve, always saying yes to Him. In practice, being still obstructed by the bonds of passions and attachment to animals, it often occurs that the soul’s gift is not a total one. Regularly, in the concrete circumstances of life, when confronted with the bitterness of renunciation and interior dispute, its ideal yes is altered into a virtual no. In the state of union, nevertheless, this is no longer true. Here the soul is so given up to the holy will of God that it does not take back anything of its gift; its yes is so conclusive and efficacious that it offers and unites the soul to God as a bride-to-be to her Bridegroom; that is why the mystics call this state “spiritual espousals.”

It is very important to realize, that, on the part of the soul, the strength of its union with God depends on the perfection of its yes; it needs to be a permission that is best in breadth and in depth: in breadth, because it should extend not just to exactly what God commands, but even to all that He desires, to all that would provide Him higher enjoyment. Love must keep the soul so alert and attentive that it can determine in various scenarios what pleases God most, and this same love ought to make the soul generous sufficient to accomplish all without the least doubt. The yes should be similarly perfect in depth, since the soul ought to follow the divine great satisfaction, not with negligence, [stinginess], nor even with the tiniest bad grace, however with all the ardor of its will, pleased to be able to offer itself to God, whatever sacrifice this might entail.COLLOQUY “O boundless God,I want to use
and consecrate myself unceasingly to You on the altar of my heart. Of all, I provide You my soul, Your partner, ransomed with Your precious Blood. I offer it as a location of repose for Your Majesty, that it might be changed in You, no longer living of itself, but just with Your life.

“O divine Knowledge, I provide You my intellect devoted for understanding, that You may satiate its thirst by allowing it to understand Your grandeurs! Inform my darkness, and let me taste You because very sweet understanding which inflames my heart with love.

“Next, O most gorgeous Partner of my soul, I offer You my will which seeks You above all else, to enjoy You with an eternal ardor, and be joined to You forever. Deign, O Lord, that my will might detach itself from all animals and, soaring up, elevate itself to You; then, in the rest of pure love, let it repose in the cavern of Your Heart. O delightful cavern, when shall I hide within You, and hear the pulsations of that Heart which provides me life and redemption?

“But why, O my God, do I use You my soul with its professors, when I am already all Yours by development and, even more, by Redemption? Is there some benefit for You, O most adorable Life, in this present and offering which I would make to Your majesty and success? No, certainly it is not for Your interest, but for mine, O immortal Life, that I offer and provide myself to You, since I know with certainty that my happiness consists in unifying myself to You” (Ven. John of Jesus Mary).


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