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The Intimacy of Magick: Damon Brand Interview Part 2– The Gallery of Magick

Adam Blackthorne here, and in the next article I’ll discuss the best ways to use the powers of inner and outer magick skilfully, but for now, here’s a take a look at unusual magick, odd outcomes and what it all means. This is the second part of my interview with Damon Brand. (You can read Part 1 here.) It was impossible to ask every question you sent out, however there’s a lot covered here, and Damon handed out even more than I believed he would.ADAM: Exactly what’s your essential or excellent magickal result, or something that’s so amazing it would sound unbelievable?DAMON: My first outcomes still feel the most remarkable, because I

was battling with that feeling where you understand the magick’s working, but you doubt it also because it’s simply difficult. I have fond memories of eventually accepting the truth of magick, makinged it work much better. But if you’re asking exactly what other people would find remarkable or astounding, there was a task not that long back, and I cannot give the details for apparent reasons, but think of there’s this old theatre, loved by many people, and they’re going to knock it down to build high-end flats. There are protests and council conferences, however everybody knows the theatre is doomed. With routine magick, I conserved that theatre. Not simply stopping the demolition however having it brought back and turned it into a location where an emerging theatre business might run effectively. Now, that’s simply an allegory, not what happened, however it was exactly like that. And it was one of the most remarkable things since I might feel the magick working, feel truth being reordered on a lot of levels, impacting great deals of people and altering minds. I wasn’t saving a country or conserving a life, however exactly what I did had a positive advantage for a lot of individuals, and it worked versus severe odds. It took a few rituals, but we got exactly what we wanted.ADAM: And the most bizarre?DAMON: I will not tell it completely, but after the ritual, I was sort of in two places at the same time, briefly. It’s hard to discuss

, but if you want an unusual story,

that’s it, and I can’t say much more than that or I’ll sound outrageous. Magick isn’t normally that odd. I’ll blog about it one day.ADAM: Someone asked if angels ever appear in an unusual method, rather than as high beings of light.DAMON: Yes. Scale is fascinating because some people utilize crystals, staring at the crystal to see the angel or devil, and at first it looks small, however then in some way it all scales up like you’re diving into the crystal.

Not always, and that’s why I do not like the crystal method. It can be like checking out this tiny hole at a far-off entity. Everything feels too little. I choose to be there, in that area with the angel. In some cases the way the angels look is not exactly what you ‘d anticipate at all, and I think that’s because of how we filter exactly what exists, how we see. I have actually never seen an angel appearance ugly or dreadful, however the power has come through in unusual methods, for sure. Not dark, however revealing fantastic power. It can leave you trembling.ADAM: Exactly what’s the funniest story you have actually got about a routine being successful in an unanticipated way?DAMON: I did a ritual to make my cars and truck appear much better than it was. I’m embarrassed, but I was young and surrounded by all these rich kids that year, and it came out of pity. That automobile was held together by string and tape, and it made me feel poor, and so I did a routine to make the vehicle look good. It operated in

entirely the wrong way. The car didn’t look better, but it attracted attention, so practically every night the police would pull me over for no reason. I simply kept drawing their attention, and although I ‘d never ever done anything wrong, it was troublesome. And after that the vehicle was stolen 3 times in two months. I got it back twice, however the last time it got stressed out. I wince now, telling that story because I had to do with twenty and ought to have known better.ADAM: How can you do magick if you’re an atheist?DAMON: Some people believe magick is simply a technology, and I have been through long periods like that. I grew up in an increasingly atheist home, and a great deal of my early magick was a sort of Wicca, which felt sacrilegious, which was valuable for me due to the fact that there’s no chance I was going to call to an angel. That altered with time. I

now have a connection to a power, divinity, call

it what you will, so I do not think about myself as an atheist. However you can hear from the way I talk; I’m still resistant to that. If you’re brought up in a home where the church is honestly disliked it leaves you feeling uneasy when you discuss God. I keep picturing my Dad will appear and yell, ‘You’re not going to end up being a religious fanatic, are you?’A great deal of people who do not think in anything try magick, and when it works, you need to review your whole truth. Is it simply quantum fields and parallel universes, or is there something more spiritual going on? It doesn’t imply that if you do magick you’re going to end up being a believer, but I think it’s difficult to do magick for too long without picking up that there’s far more than a clockwork universe.ADAM: Has magick provided you insight into the huge concerns, like life after death?DAMON: Glimpses, not responses. I’m as mystified as everybody.ADAM: Does everyone have a real will?DAMON: It’s an expression that’s used in magick almost to indicate’fate’, and I don’t like that. It’s not like there’s one course set prior to you and you need to follow it. It’s also real that some things flow more quickly since they feel right, they feel part of you. You can invest ten years in a profession and find all that battle was because there was something else waiting for you; something that simply flows. True will is being honest with yourself, and doing what feels dead-on for

you, rather than being purchased around by people or scenario. It sounds self-centered, like you’re simply doing your very own

thing, but being close to your real will is less selfish in such a way because when you’re lined up with that, you link much better with other individuals. It is essential in magick, since knowing who you are, exactly what you want, that makes it simpler to obtain what you desire. True will is about living a life where magick’s guiding you towards who you feel you are and exactly what you understand, deep down, you ought to be doing.ADAM: Individuals have asked how you discovered how to construct rituals.DAMON: By gaining from others, and then a mix of severe research study and experiments. This mix of experience and accuracy, appreciating everything that had actually preceded but searching for the core of the magick. And the majority of exactly what you see in the books isn’t simply me; it’s everybody in The Gallery, and the work we made with the spirits to discover the answers. There’s magick in the books that was explained to us– words, combinations– and they were offered to us directly by the angels. It’s not been a little task. It’s been the majority of my life. A few of the excellent work we have now was developed right at the start, however some of it took twenty-odd years to get right.ADAM: Exactly what’s frightened

you about magick?DAMON: We took a great deal of risks. I went through a period of attempting wild magick, and I

saw things I didn’t like. There are things you can do to terrify yourself without much effort. That magick was left behind. And none of that enters the books, thank God. [Chuckles] ADAM: Have you found’ power spots’ in nature, and if so, have you worked magick there?DAMON: This is a big thing for me, since definitely yes, I have actually discovered places that are simply sizzling with power. Those locations are fluid, and you can go back another day, and there’s absolutely nothing. If I find a location that’s powerful and welcoming, and if it’s useful, I will work magick there. And these places are all through cities and residential areas too, however they’re easier to discover in nature, because there’s less diversion and your guard is down.ADAM: A great deal of The Gallery books concentrate on

Kabbalah and associated magick. Have you worked with any other kinds of magick?DAMON: I did witchcraft and spellcasting in the early days, then in the experimental years, all type of magick. They were odd times. But it’s a misunderstanding to say it’s just Kabbalah now, since there’s a lot of background work from other locations of magick. It looks like Kabbalah since we utilize Hebrew letters and some structures from Kabbalah, but there’s a lot more in the routines. And not once have we revealed an illustration of the Tree of Life. I have thousands of occult books, and I bet more than half have an illustration of the Tree of Life. And most don’t even describe exactly what it is, or they invest thousands of pages explaining it badly. I’m uncertain exactly what’s worse.ADAM: Do readers require to comprehend anything about Kabbalah to deal with your books?DAMON: Not at all. It’s a background power that assists it to work.

You only require to follow the directions. Kabbalah has an odd history, with all sorts of relatively recent

advancements in Europe, so it’s not like you’re constantly recalling to Eastern texts from pre-Biblical times . It begins that method, with really ancient files, however there’s this procedure in Kabbalah where you accept that if something brand-new is gotten and works, well fantastic, we’ll utilize it. Kabbalah goes method back, however a great deal of exactly what we’ve got now is just a couple of hundred years old. It occurred from much older products, and it’s an ongoing discovery. It’s fascinating to see it alter, and we utilize exactly what works.ADAM: Some people believe everything we do is Turmoil Magick, due to the fact that it originates from many different practices.DAMON: In chaos, you take a belief for a while and use it. That’s not what we do. I think in the angels. It’s not some post-modern impression. I like what chaos magick brought; the simplification. But I don’t just have fun with beliefs

. I explore systems outside my belief system, then what I think in grows.ADAM: I have actually stated the very same thing myself. The books have a focus on Western Magick. No prepare for anything else?DAMON: We write practical books of magick that are most likely to work for Western readers, just to keep it basic for us, so we’ve started with this style of magick. But then we get messages from India, Japan, Brazil, all over– it’s working there too, which is fantastic. However other traditions and methods, like I say, they remain in the books currently. In some cases it’s more apparent than others. What’s following is various, I can state that.ADAM: What routines have you used to make your magick books more popular?DAMON: None. Considering that the late eighties I have actually been doing magick to make my writing as

good as it can be. Sigil magick in the early days, then mainly angelic work. It’s only to make the composing

go well. I have actually never ever done magick to promote the books. Sometimes people state they feel a power in the books, which does not surprise me, however that’s due to the fact that of exactly what’s within them, not due to the fact that of anything I have actually done.ADAM: You seek advice from the spirits when composing books?DAMON: Yes. If I’m discussing a particular archangel, I will work with that archangel to clarify strategies, expression, exactly what should be said and shared. That makes sense.ADAM: Is real-world effort more crucial than magick?DAMON: No. Magick can be

all you require in some cases. It will match your efforts in the genuine world so wonderfully, however often the magick will do whatever. You get a feel for that over time.ADAM: Exactly what’s your vision of the future? Unlimited war and catastrophe or a modification for the better?DAMON: I have no concept and never invest any time trying to work it out. I’m not the world’s finest individual when it pertains to divination. However ever since I started viewing the news when I was a kid, there’s been endless war.

It never ever stops. It may drop in your country, however there are wars everywhere. And here, for

us, there are a lot of threats now, to awareness itself. It’s not very original to point this out, but technology is affecting us in negative ways, which may be worse for occultists than anyone else. The way people avoid truth by gazing at their phones instead of being where they are. The impact of that is massive. You cannot change the world if you don’t experience the world. That’s substantial for anybody who does magick.

You need to open your eyes, feel the air, talk to

people face to deal with. It can be a difficulty in a world that’s promoting separation, but as occultists, we need to battle the disconnection. Yes, it’s difficult to meet individuals, so you use a dating app.

Yes, it ‘s challenging to cope with the world, so you swipe through your phone to see little moments of home entertainment and quite pictures. I do not blame anybody. It can freeze up your capability to trigger change. Be where you want to be instead of looking at an image of where you want to be. That’s exactly what magick is

about . There’s no point in doing magick to obtain exactly what you want if you disappear into your gadget and prevent the experience. I understand why individuals do that. Experience is frightening. It makes you susceptible. It’s so much easier to look at your phone than to risk having an experience.ADAM: How do you get past that vulnerability?DAMON: I will being in a restaurant by myself, or any congested place, and I will look around at the world. Learning how to see, to feel, to experience the world; this is basic to magick, despite the fact that it can make you feel weird, although a glance down at your phone is easier. You desire a few pithy stories or a text chat with a friend. That would feel terrific, but sometimes, that lonely moment is a bridge to a more magickal minute, where you see exactly what’s actually around you. The clarity is priceless.ADAM: So you live without a phone?DAMON: I have three phones and about 5 iPads. It’s about how and when. I like the web. We could not sell a single book without it– it’s transformed occult publishing. We can reach people now in a method that no publisher would have allowed. Without Facebook, Amazon, without blogging, The Gallery of Magick would not exist for the public. I like the innovation, however in little dosages. There’s a risk that we can stop enjoying exactly what we have actually currently got, stop seeing where we are, due to the fact that the device is always saying, take a look at this, examine here. Magick can reconnect you to the world, since you open to your genuine needs, exactly what you actually desire, when you work to obtain it, you have no option however to be more available to the entire world. I believe individuals find this, that practicing magick can make everything feel more meaningful, more purposeful therefore there’s not as much need to leave from it. I don’t relax being spiritual and blissed out, but I live a huge life, meeting people,

establishing projects that bring individuals together creatively,

and I do all this with my direct, not gazing at some details in the palm of my hand. The world is so valuable, when you reside in the world it feeds your soul, your imagination, your subconscious. And that gives you more power than you ‘d think.ADAM: Do you ever do complete ritualistic magick with robes, wands and whatever else?DAMON: Not any longer. Those symbols and routines can assist people. Like having a preferred cup for your coffee makes it taste much better. If it assists, that’s ok, however I believe the majority of people can get what they need without any of that.ADAM: Somebody asked about all

the magickal stuff that’s for sale online. How can you inform if an amulet is really blessed, or if a’routine for hire’ is the real thing?DAMON: You can’t, but it’s tough for me to discuss charlatans, since individuals will state that about us. [Chuckles] If somebody gives a bad tarot reading, big deal, it’s not the end of the world. If somebody sells a little jewelry and it isn’t truly accuseded of angelic power, well, I just hope it didn’t cost too much. Routines for hire can work, however there’s no greater present than offering somebody the power to do their own magick. Nobody needs me, you or any person else to do the magick. You can buy a book, and in a few hours, you’re doing magick that works. We know this due to the fact that we have actually heard thousands of success stories now. When you do the magick yourself, there’s an intimacy, a connection that is so powerful. Nothing is more powerful than that intimacy. And you can get that simply by checking out a book and getting utilized to magick. Seeing this take place for many individuals, it’s so much more beautiful than I ever pictured it would be.ADAM: However there can be power in group rituals?DAMON: It’s not an automatic thing where a group ensures success. Group magick can be powerful, when couples do sex magick, that brings distinct energies. But working with others should not be a crutch.

If you depend on their energy to improve your magick that can make you feel beholden to

them, or helpless without them. If you always aim to others for advice, it can weaken your intuition, your sense of self. You must always maintain the power to do your own magick. Exactly what you want to view out for are the charismatic people who appear from time to time, and they seem so wise and valuable, not selling anything, and then suddenly, they aim to turn you versus everybody else. It’s a method of controlling you, restricting you. You talked about this on the blog. [See: 3 Stories of Magick] That’s the cult of personality, when a specific wants to appear more crucial than the magick itself. I want to prevent that with The Gallery, in the books, in whatever we do and it belongs to the reason I stepped down from social media. After a few years it started to appear like I was saying, ‘Follow my wisdom, ‘and I didn’t like that feeling. We offer advice, we show what works for us and for individuals who buy the books, but we never ever desire to say we are the only reality. Things get odd when you go down that path. We do not own magick, and it’s constantly bigger than any individual, any group. I think I’m duplicating exactly what you said, but it is necessary. Magick, however you find it and however you deal with it, is yours.ADAM: What provides individuals the right to contact spirits for help?DAMON: The only way to respond to that is to experience it, to do magick. And you will discover the response. Since you don’t simply alter the world and play with reality; you alter yourself. I think the answer’s in there, because change, and it does not indicate you instantly become super spiritual or anything like that. Magick is an invitation to be a part of the world, not simply part of the mayhem. Our lives are filled with mayhem and hazards and magick is a way through, to discover peace and function. And there’s this stunning progression where a growing number of who you are emerges, and you discover exactly what you actually desire, and sensation that change, that informs you so much about why we can do magick that works.Damon Brands most popular books are: Archangels of Magick, The 72 Angels of Magick, and Words of Power