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Sexual Intimacy and Its Connection with Aural Energy

“If whatever goes well & & sex is natural & running, it is a beautiful experience because you can have a glance of the second through it. If sex goes truly extremely deep, so that you forget yourself entirely in it, you can even have a look of 3rd through it. And if the sex ends up being an absolutely orgasmic experience you can even have a peek of the fourth, Turiya the beyond through it.” ~ Osho

Sexuality is closely associated to spirituality in lots of methods. The topic of sex excites a strong reaction and is often viewed as a challenge on the course of spiritual development due to the wild nature of sexual energy. Sexual energy is the primal and innovative energy of deep space, it opens our heart to like, and enable us to experience deep meditative states and magical bliss.Many wise traditions consider the peak minute of sexual energy the death of the ego. When somebody experiences intimacy and reaches orgasm, we feel susceptible, unprotected, carefree and there is a sense of timelessness.These are the qualities and real nature of our spirit. Living your life with this level of intimacy would enable the imaginative energy of deep space to merge with your spirit. Would not that make it important to be conscious with who you share this intimacy with?There is absolutely nothing casual about it We have evolved both in regards to our thinking and method towards life. The flexibility to choose

a sexual partner with no hesitation has likewise increased.But there is absolutely nothing such as casual or useless sex. When we get intimate with any person we tend to receive their positivity or

negativeness and unconsciously include it in our daily lives.Even if we do not meet the other individual ever once again, or if we do have a constant physical intimacy with our partner, each time we get into the act, we receive a part

of their energy into our aura and leave a part of ours into theirs.So each time we make love, we produce an energy cord with our partner. Their thoughts, feelings, desires, and so on, are left as impressions in our aura, which unless cleansed, sticks with us.If the very same is done under the impact of alcohol, we lower our natural protective field, which further exposes us to negative & discordant energies. If we have sex with a positive person, we are bound to receive her/his positivity and vice-a-versa with an unfavorable person.Jeffery Armstrong in his post, The Ancient Art and Science of Sexual Recovery states,”. exactly what might be accomplished by bringing the male and the female body together.

The answer to this concern is physical, biological, important, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. And given that our bodies share characteristics with the animal realm, it is undoubtedly possible for us to be drawn in both an upward and down instructions through our endowment of energies.”Power behind the Act Sexual energy is one of the most effective kind of energy readily available to living beings, however it is only man who has the intelligence to genuinely understand it. If we find outthe real art of sexual recovery, we can deduce a method to transform sexual energy into innovative & healing energy.Osho in his book’From Sex to Supeconscious’stressed the existence of God in the act of coitus and nearness to the divine in an orgasm.”The coupling of a man and a woman has a very & deep significance: the ego vaporizes in this assimilation of 2 human beings.A person who actually comprehends the essence of this unity, of this yearning for love and oneness, can likewise understand the meaning of yet another type of unity– a yogi unites; an ascetic unites; a saint unites; a meditator

unifies. An individual is also joined in intercourse: his identity combines with that of the other individual, and they become one. “In spite of all these positive connections, we approach sex with indifference, guilt and shame, which devoid us from experiencing its real power.

Clean your Aura Our energy system needs constant cleansing in order for it to be well balanced and to keep us functioning effectively.

It is important that

we cleanse our aura of all the negativeness and debris from time to time. Here are some basic and easy approaches to remove undesirable energies left in your aura body through physical intimacy. Sunlight is man’s primary food, however considering that we are unable to directly consume it, we absorb it by way of fruits, vegetable, and so on. It is best to step out into the sunshine every day for minimum 15 minutes. A mindful thought,’ I am cleansing my aura of my sexual past ‘can be exceptionally useful in the cleansing process.Water is a natural cleanser, which cleans up the body both physically, mentally and energetically. A bath with sea salt or Epsom salt can remove stuck negativity in the body.Forgiveness is an effective tool to

  • release trapped energy in our body. In the case of an upsetting relationship, by forgiving the other person in addition to yourself for the act of sex can cause approval and discharge of energy.Aura cleaning techniques with experts who have the knowledge of various methodologies for aura cleaning and combing is unquestionably a terrific way to get rid of energy blocks, particles, negativity, etc.The above discussed strategies are just some procedures to lower the impact of one-night stand. However if we desire to get physically included with someone, it is much better to weigh the circumstance first. Sex is bad or bad, it is delighted and to truly experience the possibility of linking greater states of awareness with peak sexual experiences

    , we have to first comprehend its significance.”Sexual energy is not opposed to spiritual energy. In truth they have the very same source. You desire your spiritual intelligence to guide and adoringly direct your sexual instincts, rather than have your unconscious impulses assist your thought and habits.” ~ Deepak Chopra Reference & Image Source< a href= target=_

    blank > Undo the past Osho book Completely charged Aura cleansing Mark Henson
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