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Premiere: A Mystic Intimacy in The Velvoids’ “Definitely Nothing”

The Velvoids’ “Absolutely Absolutely nothing” is a perfectly rich two-minute ballad that seems like Lou Reed jamming out with The Zombies and Marc Bolan.T he Velvoids are probably one of the more interesting bands we have actually ever included in Atwood Magazine, a blast-from-the-past rock/pop duo who center their energies around experimentation and vinyl. Their first release of 2018 captures their rich sound and inimitable spontaneity.Somewhere, when I don’t care, I keep in mind definitely nothing Listen: “Definitely Absolutely nothing”– The Velvoids Atwood Publication is happy to
be premiering “Definitely Nothing,
” the new single from Athens, Greece duo The Velvoids(out 1/26/2018 via TBMR Records ). Including Vice Lesley (vox/guitar)

and Dorah X(drums/vox ), The Velvoids emerged in 2014 with their launching album Polynesia Infant, which, regardless of its underground success, stays entirelynot available in the US and is almost impossible to find– a testimony to the reality that the band recorded their music directly to vinyl and released their music exclusively as vinyl.Absolutely Absolutely nothing art– The Velvoids If it sounds like The Velvoids are a little behind the times, think again: The band’s dedication to the physical medium is commendable, specifically considering their experimental mindsets towards noise, tune, and recording.

It stands to factor that” Absolutely Nothing,”a

magnificently lush two-minute ballad that feels like Lou Reed jamming out with The Zombies and Marc Bolan, was likewise produced vinyl: Despite its fullness, the tune feels tinny and somewhat cold via stream– whereas these exact same tones would likely have a warmer, velvety aura on record.The lead single off The Velvoids’forthcoming Exactly what You Know/ Absolutely Nothing 7″, this is just the very first of numerous releases arranged for 2018 by the band’s Athens-based label TBMR Records. Having actually married in 2016, Dorah and Vice’s brand-new batch of tunes were taped throughout an unique and erratic duration in life while they were pregnant with their daughter. As an outcome,”you can sort of feel the room in these recordings,”the new father reveals.”Definitely Nothing” definitely has a mystic intimacy about it. Centered around a gorgeous, rather abstract piece of poetry, the tune evokes the delicacy of the minute: The Velvoids– Definitely Nothing Somewhere, when I do not care, I keep in mind definitely nothing.In my mind, make up my time and my temper, elegantly thumping.You’re caught up in a strung out strut, swing off the arms of the sun.”I believe we only did

two considers that song; it was more a matter of moving the mics around until we discovered the sort of sound we desired,” recalls Dorah.”We had one mic established straight above the drum set and another to the opposite left where the

guitar was at, we then installed three
more space mics and placed them around and began testing, I muffled the drum
skins with tea towels to decrease the attack and sustain whileVice strummed with a coin instead of a guitar pick
, highlighting that huge ‘bronze’

feel on those old strings. So the drums, acoustic guitar and main vocals were all done live, we included the rest afterwards, the lyrics were probably made up on the spot as typical.”There you have it: “Absolutely Nothing”reflects The Velvoids ‘impulsive imagination, vivifying melodramatic harmonies with a balance of mad and controlled energies. Prone to turmoil and always looking forward, The Velvoids simply may break through all the white sound– but in a world where music streaming dominates downloads in all however 2 to 3 nations, and the” vinyl renaissance “is identified by a diminimus population, can a physical-format band really survive?Connect to The Velvoids on Facebook Discover brand-new music on Atwood Magazine image © TBMR Records:: find something brand-new:: About The Website Atwood is a digital platform that seeks out visionary artists and fresh voices with the objective of promoting the arts. The Atwood group is comprised of individuals from all over the world that are passionate about art and innovation. We intend to display not only extraordinary development, however likewise the stories behind them.