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From Associate to Friendship, From Discipleship to Intimacy

Sitting around a fire is a tradition our household delights in. Having no outside diversions promotes a closeness, an intimacy where our real self is established.

“Keep in mind the time when …?”
“I think I might …”
“Exactly what would you think if …?”

Within that circle we too are attesting to Christ as we give of ourselves, promoting growth of the Spirit, promoting life whereby our lips and life concur. It is a time of open sincerity, shared beliefs, and a moving on towards a much deeper understanding of who we are and exactly what the Lord is asking us to do with our lives.It s a prayer of the heart, increasing upward as the smoke of incense increases into the paradises, enabling the Spirit to get in as He did at baptism. Keeping the Spirit growing through grace is the will of the Lord: “And taking a look around at those seated in the circle he stated,”Here are my mother my bros. For whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mom.” (My 3:35)

Much deeper truths may appear:

“Remember when we discovered in the Garden of Gethsemane that Jesus could have gotten away the soldiers?”

“I believe I might understand why Peter rejected understanding Christ as he sat around the fire of Herod.”

“What would you think of my returning to Israel as a volunteer at Magdala?”

St Ignatius of Loyola states,”One must set he world on fire.” Fire is a sign of “passionate commitment.” Prior to one sets the world on fire one should set his own heart on fire, a fire that begins with curiosity, asks questions, prays and listens, affirms and, last but not least, acts.