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Comparing your sex life with others can eliminate your sex drive

To prove their virility, men sometimes love to discuss and compare their sex lives with one another.

They mostly exaggerate their sexual prowess, what with claims of all-night sex romp, with each session allegedly lasting 40 minutes or more!

Experts are, however, warning that comparing your love life to that of others can affect your libido.

Describing it as “sexual narcissism,” study author Lisa Day says those who indulge in such comparisons are most susceptible to the effects, and that it could affect their performance in the bedroom.

“Those who compare their sex life with that of others have an excessive need for sexual validation, and it can affect their libido,” Day warns.

The new study, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, suggests that, “Just believing that someone — even your own friend — has a spicier time than you do beneath the sheets can damage your libido.

“Such people are very susceptible to comparisons with others, regardless of whether it was friends, colleagues or magazine articles.

“When they felt they were getting less action than someone else, they became dissatisfied with their relationship.

“And this lack of satisfaction is widely known to decrease the libido of both men and women.”