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Björk brings futuristic intimacy to fans with the virtual reality art display, “Björk Digital”

Some might think that as technology advances, the more cold and distant it can make everything feel, particularly when it pertains to music. That is not the case with Björk. The Icelandic artist, who is always at the forefront when it concerns musical developments, just recently debuted a digital display that brings you up close and individual with the singer herself.In a different sort of intimate artist-and-fan experience than, let’s state, a meet and greet or a small live show, Björk Digital is an avante-garde art exhibit including 5 different virtual reality scenes starring the musical legend. The taking a trip exhibit made its method to Sydney, Montreal, and Tokyo prior to landing in the hands of the LA Philharmonic.

It starts in a standing-room location where “Black Lake,” the 2015 music video cooperation with director Andrew Thomas Huang, is projected versus 2 opposing screens. Björk sings while sprawled throughout Games of Thrones-esque landscapes in an effort to process the post-breakup heartache arising from her divorce from Matthew Barney.

Fashion designer Iris Van Herpen produced the armor Björk uses specifically for the video– a black, woven metal dress and a 3D laser cut cape which somehow simultaneously looks like translucent seaweed and owl feathers.

Andrew Thomas Huang In the next space, you are asked to sit on a stool and given a VR headset as you are carried to a 360 view of the very same Icelandic beach where Björk first composed the song “Stonemilker.”

Andrew Thomas Huang Attempt not to weep as she stands in front of your face, wailing “Show me psychological respect, I have emotional needs, I wish to integrate our feelings,” however make sure to appreciate how striking her yellow Michael Van Der Ham gown looks versus the panorama.