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An Enjoyable & Tasty method to Increase Intimacy with our Partner throughout the Holidays.

tantra popped into my head.I wasn’t actually thinking about long and complicated Tantric massages or even Tantric routines for spiritual sensuality. All that seemed too involved, particularly when I’m currently having a hard time

to discover any romantic time with my other half during this time of year. Rather, I was thinking more about what tantra can provide in terms of opening our senses and activating our sensuous nature.With tantra, as soon as the senses are activated, our sensuality naturally stimulates the energy of connection and our sensual self connects to touch, to hold, to caress another. Sensuality alone can bring pleasure, without the requirement to take

things even more– though it can also be used to deepen the connection throughout lovemaking.This Christmas, we can all aim to bring the romance and sensuality back into our caring relationships.The Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra is an ancient text from India’s Tantric custom that includes 112 meditations that Shiva offered to his lover, Shakti. Several of them include meditations with touch, odor,

and sound– these are typically referred to as the Tantric Gateways and are a crucial precursor to intimacy as you have to exist within yourself prior to you can be fully present with another. They are likewise important components in forming a real connection with our partner. One sutra, or teaching, recorded my interest as it includes a fantastic passion of mine: food. It can be equated as,”When consuming or consuming, end up being the taste of the food or drink, and be filled. “We can utilize this sutra to reignite the fun and expedition in our relationships by blindfolding our partner and enticing them with sumptuous foods and drinks.The blindfold allows both us and our partner to feel more susceptible, however also more looked after. It’s a great bonding exercise, along with a fun and sensuous practice.One valuable suggestion: gather all foods prior to you begin– there’s nothing sensuous about wandering off and rummaging in the fridge while our partner is off someplace blindfolded.Here’s how we can start: Collect foods that are tasty, sweet, and soft– avoid hard, salted, or strong-flavoured foods.

I found that strawberries, pitted cherries, slightly-gooey chocolate pieces, ripe raspberries, grapes, and mangoes all work well. You’ll need small pieces and just a small amount.Once all the

food is put together, find a comfy and peaceful space to bring out the exercise. Always remember to have your blindfold ready.Make sure your partner is comfy– both physically and emotionally.Apply the blindfold and

then bring a piece of food near their face, near their nose. Enable them to smell the food. Take your time. Do not rush.As your partner begins to smell, you may see their lips part. At this point, trace the damp piece of fruit slowly along their lower lip. This should stimulate them to open their lips even more. Observe sounds of enjoyment and indications that they are surrendering.Once their lips part entirely, tease them by moving the food in and out of their mouth a little, however not yet feeding all of it the method.
  • Let them have the satisfaction of tasting, licking, and drawing as you
  • slowly develop the desire.When the time feels right, allow them to eat the whole piece of food. Provide lots of time to chew and enjoy. Remember, this isn’t mealtime– it’s a sensory experience.Once your partner has completed, repeat the workout with as lots of deals with as you ‘d like. Be playful throughout the process.Allow the intimacy to flow. As the feeding advances, you can dip a finger into melted chocolate and
  • let your partner lick it. Or as your partner enjoys their food, let your hands touch and stroke their body for pleasure.At the end, carefully remove the blindfold and take a few minutes to look into your partner’s eyes. The biggest obstacle I found with this meditation was not
  • hurrying and permitting each morsel of food to be savored.What I found out from this practice is that the art of giving includes actually paying attention to our partner and following their cues. Not only was this a fun
  • and peaceful method to spend a night, it likewise assisted my partner and I link on a sensual level– which is necessary, specifically throughout disorderly times.Author: Seren Charrington-Hollis Image: DeviantArt Editor: Nicole Cameron Copy Editor: Catherine Monkman Social Editor: Waylon Lewis Seren Charrington-Hollins is based in West Wales, UK. She is an expert food and beverage historian who has actually appeared on UK tv and radio. She wants food and cooking, and as a skilled nutritional expert she also encourages on healthy consuming strategies.She is the author of 2 blog sites: Serenity Kitchen and The Problem with Husbands. Whilst Seren’s not penning posts, rustling

    up vegetarian food, looking into nutrition
    , or mixing mixed drinks, she is mom to three gorgeous children. Hedgerow picking, wild adventures, and travel with kids are all a main theme in
    Seren’s family, which she integrates with her business Culinary History.