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A Workaholic’s Guide to Intimacy

This workaholic’s overview of intimacy has actually been compensated by Collective Predisposition, Inc. and its advertiser. All stories, pictures, and opinions are my own. #TheMoodStrikes #CollectiveBias.

Oh my goodness, y’ all, I have become a major workaholic lately. I have been working a full time day job, running this blog mostly complete time, and working as a Campaign Leader for Collective Bias full-time. I have been burning the midnight oil and I don’t even spend time with my son on the weekends, much less my hubby at nights. If I’m at work, I read and checking email and communicating with workers and managers. If I’m at home, the laptop is glued to my hands and I’m emailing, reading, writing, and interacting with bloggers. If I’m at supper, I’m considering my next article or taking a look at something on my phone. Even my smoke breaks (hush, yes, I smoke) are crammed with work or thinking of work. How did I end up being such a workaholic … and really love every minute of it?So, alright, maybe I do get to play with my kid a little on the weekends and we have been inviting a friend of his over on Saturdays for some play time, but even then, I might desert into the bed room to obtain a little work done. My home is a mess and my life is non-existent. I have to set up in some play time– and I’m not simply talking about play with my son.Whoops! I guess this is the part where I must tell you that things’s ready to get real and there will be intimate time talk in this article. If you don’t want to understand about my intimate minutes … well, this is the time when you might desire to go ahead and click one of those posts to the right and checked out another post. Do not leave! Simply choose another post to read!Now, I ought to tell you that from at an early stage in our relationship, Howard and I had a pretty

great intimate relationship. I know, we ought to have waited, however it’s the past now and it is what it is. We shared some actually terrific intimate time in the past(you know, before having a kid and costs and all that things). We were daring and a little wild (with each other)and we had enjoyable. Howard comments often that he misses that wild woman that he wed, that he fell for, that he yearned for on a day-to-day(hourly )basis. Life got in the way and laundry has actually to be done ultimately, the baby has to be fed, and I’m freaking tired all.the.time!A couple of months ago, we celebrated our 7th anniversary and it was quite dull. We took our kid on the date with us and went to sleep with him

in between us in the bed. We didn’t get in our typical intimate time for the celebration till a few days after the real anniversary and Howard certainly never got his 40th birthday present * ahem * or his anniversary present * ahem *. You know the one … You see, the offer is that I’ve become such a workaholic that my brain simply won’t switch off enough to obtain intimate with my other half anymore. I might think of intimate time during the day and

things might get a little warm, however by the time we get home, do research, repair dinner, and get the kid to sleep(in our bed), frankly neither one of us is excited to bring our 56 lb kid to his own space and go through the”problem”of getting”ready “. We end up seeing TV while I work or check Facebook and then we roll over and falling asleep, sometimes without even a kiss goodnight.Things have to alter … NOW!Since I have a dryness issue (due to my brain never turning off, or my age, or something along those lines), I decided to look for an option that would not create a huge mess that I would then need to tidy up after hot time

was over. If I’m going to have intimacy with my guy, I do not wish to need to tidy something afterwards. I desire to cuddle and go to sleep in his arms or relax, not fret about a mess. Just thinking about that makes me wish to stop the intimacy altogether.While I was at Walmart just recently, I chose to check out the intimate products to see what was new and I discovered these K-Y ® Liquibeads and I chose to go for it and see what they are like.The Liquibeads come with a small applicator(smaller than a tampon)and state that they are less mess than a typical lubricant. I like the concept of a natural dampness in my areas without the untidy goo that you get with other items. I should discuss that if you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your doctor before using KY Liquibeads.So, this weekend, when my boy

is likely to be investing the night at Granny and Papa’s house, Howard and I are taking the K-Y ® Liquibeads Challenge and we’re going to funnel our inner freakiness (pun meant)and see exactly what these Liquibeads are everything about! I’ve even arranged it in on my calendar so I won’t have my mind on work and blogging!Brown chicken, Brown cow!! Don’t worry, I’ll be back

in a week or so to let you know how it went … so come back and learn if Howard and I discovered our intimacy once again. In the meantime, clip this $1 off discount coupon and take the difficulty with me!How do you create more intimacy with your partner? Enjoying the Restored Intimacy in my Marital relationship Spontaneous Romantic Bed Room Remodeling That Crazy Man I Love < img width=120 height= 72 src= alt="Hubby and The Kid sleeping"> That Crazy Man I Love wp-content