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“A shared intimacy”: Fart fetishism is a real thing and it deserves your respect

“He didn’t understand I was near his butt cheeks to appreciate them,” Ric tells Vice,”and his fart made my dreams come to life. “State what ?! Fart fetishism, or eproctophilia, is when an individual ends up being all hot and bothered by anal flatulence.(It needs to not be confused with scat fetishism, or coprophilia, which is an entirely different thing.)

Ric is a gay man. He tells Vice that his fascination with farting dates all the way back to early childhood.

“As a young kid, I constantly had an unspoken affection for other boys who were public farters, as they constantly appeared so uninhibited, confident, and a little subversive,” he recalls.

As he got older, Ric accepted his sexuality and grew more positive, specifically when it concerned proclaiming in front of others.

“One day, when I was feeling a little jaded, and wishing to shock, I farted rather loudly in front of another male in the university fitness center altering space,” he keeps in mind. “I then did this regularly. Sometimes, my farts really got a [positive] action.”

Ultimately, he joined numerous gay eproctophilia forums and Yahoo groups, as well started submitting videos of himself farting to adult sites.

One day he met the guy of his dreams while taking a trip abroad.

“We invested 24 hours together, while we were together, we farted in front of each other in different areas (e.g. a dining establishment), farted on each other’s hands, and ultimately in each other’s faces.”

Ever since, Ric states he’s had numerous more “real-life sessions”; however, the majority of the time it’s limited to Skype sessions with guys overseas.

“For me, it is a shared intimacy,” he says, “a kind of liberation, and a recommendation of one’s basic animal origins.”