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9 Simple Ways to Build Intimacy and Safeguard Any Long-Term Relationship

This post originally appeared on Bustle. By Rachel Krantz

Initially, let me get the disclaimer out of the method: My relationship is far from ideal. Like, extremely far. I’m writing this article, in big part, to remind myself of entire day. Block out a Sunday with your partner without responsibilities, and assure each other that you will not force the other to do one. single. thing. Possibly you’ll both seem like having a sex marathon, or you’ll want to take an aimless walk around your area that lasts all day. In any case, shutting out a day with no commitment– besides to hang around together– is incredibly liberating and relaxing. It will help you reconnect to that early sense of magic and experience thatmade you fall in love in the very first place. When you don’t make strategies, unexpectedly, the world is brand-new again, therefore

is your partner. And both, as it turns out, are pretty damn wonderful.Images: Fotolia; Giphy; 10 Practices of Couples in Strong and

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