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5 Ways to Quote Bye-bye to Intimacy Issues in Your Relationship

Are you fighting with intimacy issues in your relationship? Has that stimulate in between the 2 of you all of a sudden gone missing out on? Do you get a sense that she is finding ways to avoid you? Stress not! Perplexed as you perhaps, these things do happen. Intimacy problems can arise due to different reasons – from having unresolved differences to compatibility issues, and in some cases, likewise the ‘ex’ aspect. Whatever be the factor, absence of intimacy is something you must not ignore as it can significantly affect your relationship. Do not get into panic mode. We have put together a convenient 5-point guide so you can say bye-bye to all your intimacy blues.1.

Get to know each other better

If you are finding it difficult linking with her on an emotional level, opportunities are that you’ll have a tough time getting physically intimate too. Intimacy does not just feed upon the physical destination in between a couple, but also depends upon their psychological compatibility. It would be a good concept to go out on a couple of more dates and take some more time knowing each other before getting intimate.

Lack of intimacy is something you must not ignore as it can severely impact your relationship (Photo: iStock)
Absence of intimacy is something you should not disregard as it can severely affect your relationship( Picture: iStock)The word ‘intimacy’is often confused with closeness on a physical level however there are a number of other aspects that many couples disregard.

Typically, unresolved differences or misunderstandings can play spoilsport in any relationship. These can just function as barriers and keep the 2 of you from coming together. So talk it out and clear the air before taking your relationship to the next level.3. Pay attention to grooming Another factor she is
reluctant to cosy as much as you could be because you pay little focus on grooming yourself. Unkempt beard, body odour and bad breath are strict no-nos. Image this:-You show up on that long-awaited date night directly from office, all sweaty and exhausted. It’s sure to irritate her.

-The two of you start passionately kissing and almost then, your beard ends up annoying her and ruins the entire experience.Without any exaggeration, lack of individual grooming too can result in death of intimacy. A shabby beard and unpleasant body odour have actually spoiled many an enthusiastic moment. So it’s time you step up your grooming video game. Appear and be fresh when you head for a date. Keep a deodorant handy. And as far as your manscaping requires go, Gillette is here to take care of it. With Gillette Mach 3 you can effortlessly shave off the unwanted scruff and keep a well stylised beard. And as all of us understand, a well-groomed beard just contributes to your sexual magnetism and certainly will not obstruct of that perfect kiss.

A well-groomed beard only adds to your sex appeal and certainly won't get in the way of that perfect kiss (Photo: iStock)
< div data-loader=storyElement data-story-content-id =e5a52cce-a154-4fe8-ba3b-6d908f752a4b data-story-version-id=d3678064-1953-4ced-92c0-6222eb0b2824 data-card-content-id = 5ace2f17-fab6-4e75-b00c-c299f9c6ec02 data-card-version-id =9e6f6983-bf0b-4690-8447-6608a8156884 data-story-element-id=d63e2589-6cd9-4cc7-80ca-b10ec34174b6 data-story-element-type=image > A well-groomed beard just adds to your sex appeal and definitely won’t obstruct of that best kiss(Image: iStock)Lots of a time, among you might not be over your ex and this maybe causing intimacy problems between the

two of you. Baggage from the past can ruin lots of a present relationship. Well, if this is

troubling you too, it’s finest to have a cooling off period and re-evaluate exactly what you want prior to plunging headlong into your present relationship. No point letting your past cast a shadow on your present.< img data-focused-image data-image-key = thequint/2017 -06/ e93b6663-6210-4ba5-9fe2-32257cbeb8fc/ iStock-661884828. jpg data-image-metadata='jpeg" 'data-image-format = pjpg data-image-retina-factor = 1 data-image-variant = imageStoryElement alt =" As long as you are confident and comfy in your skin and feel secure in your relationship, performance stress and anxiety won't difficulty you (Picture: iStock)" > As long as you are positive and comfortable in your skin and feel secure in your relationship, efficiency anxiety won’t problem you (Picture: iStock) 5. Get rid of performance stress and anxiety All men have gone through efficiency stress and anxiety eventually or the other in their lives. Performance anxiety can serve as a spoiler during your intimate minutes and make you more conscious, hence messing up the whole experience. One good method of conquering this would be to stop trying to live up to unrealistic expectations set by pop culture.

As long as you are confident and comfy in your skin and feel safe and secure in your relationship, efficiency stress and anxiety won’t difficulty you.Pro pointer: Keep this guide with you at all times to be sure you’re checking the right boxes and bid farewell to all your intimacy problems.