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10 Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive

Did you understand that the food you eat can kill your sex drive? Not all low sex drive is caused by erectile dysfunction. Your low sex drive can be brought on by low testosterone. The food you eat can reduce your testosterone and eliminate your sex life.Testosterone is a sex hormonal agent that controls the libido or libido in males and females. In guys, testosterone develops muscle mass and strength, bone mass, and fat distribution. Testosterone is produced in females in much smaller amounts and influences muscle mass and bone mass.A low testosterone level in males and females reduces the libido or sex drive.A high testosterone level in women can trigger acne, excess facial hair and body hair, male qualities, male pattern balding and loss of hair due to the boost in male androgens (male hormonal agents) DHT and DHEA.Below are foods you need to remove from your diet plan to increase your T levels and put the trigger back into your sex life.1. Marijuana Weed is not considered food though the herb is baked into cupcakes, cookies, muffins and other baked products. Whether you smoke it or eat it, studies reveal that marijuana reduces testosterone levels for as much as 24 Hr.2. Soy products Soybeans, soy lecithin, soybean oils and other soy products contains phyto-estrogenic isoflavones that can imitate the impacts of estrogen by triggering estrogen receptors. Soy likewise disrupts iodine uptake in the thyroid gland which suppresses the thyroid and causes low testosterone in men.On the other hand, menopausal ladies and females detected with PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)can experience

acne, excess facial and body hair, hot flashes or hair loss/hair thinning. These ladies will gain from taking in massive quantities of soy products.3. Sugar is just flat out bad for your health. The advised everyday consumption of sugar is 25 grams or 6 teaspoons.

That’s less sugar than a can of soda! Sugar increases your insulin levels and drops your testosterone levels. One study reveals that sugar considerably< a href= rel=noopener target= _ blank > declines your testosterone levels while increasing your estrogen levels, which stores fat in your stomach( belly).4. Licorice tastes terrific but it dramatically lowers your testosterone

levels. If you have a sweet tooth for licorice, simply keep in mind that every bite ensures that you will not get another date with that woman you asked out on a date last night.5. Mint(Peppermint, Spearmint … )Mint might be excellent for fresh breath, but the menthol in mint decreases your testosterone levels. Mint certainly will not double your satisfaction or double your fun.6. Flaxseed items are loaded with Omega-3, aka”wellness molecules”which reduces your high blood pressure and reduce threat of stroke.

Another benefit is

flaxseeds and flaxseed oil considerably minimize testosterone levels in guys and ladies. Women who suffer from acne, excessive facial and body hair or hair loss are advised to consume flaxseeds daily to decrease testosterone and the male androgen DHT by up to 86 percent! 7. Chocolate While chocolate is on the list of 50 Best Foods for Your Penis, it is also understood to reduce testosterone and elevate estrogen in both males and women. That might be a good thing for women with PCOS who experience acne, male pattern balding or facial hair.8. Spicy food Spicy food eliminates the sex drive in both men and females by reducing testosterone. Black people smother our food in hot sauce, pepper, garlic, onions and other strong spices. There’s an old partners ‘tale that black ladies and Asian women feed their males spicy hot buffalo wings and

pepper steak soaked in bell peppers and soy sauce to kill the sex drive so their males will be less most likely to cheat.9. Beets are sweet, scrumptious and nutritious root vegetables that maintain healthy estrogen levels in women while depleting testosterone in men. Male who have difficulty keeping it up in bed ought to prevent eating beets. Ladies who are identified with PCOS should consider adding beets to your diet since beets reduces testosterone and DHTs, which triggers acne, facial hair, thinning/shedding hair, and male qualities in females.10. Alcohol Drinking alcohol considerably decreases testosterone and sperm cell counts. Persistent alcoholics have the tendency to have much higher estrogen levels, which includes mounds of fat to your stomach and waistline.Stock photos: Getty Images